Biblical Counseling

God-centered, gospel-saturated biblical counseling is for those seeking healing, freedom, and wisdom in all areas of their lives.

When special circumstances require help beyond Christian friends, family, and/or Community Groups (the primary places that we work out care and counseling), our pastoral staff offer biblical counseling in meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of the church. Because not all of our staff are licensed or professional counselors, neither the individual staff members, nor the church will be held to the standards applicable to professional counselors or liable for professional negligence or malpractice. Here are some of the guidelines and expectations for biblical counseling:

  • Counseling is not limited to ECBC members, but they will receive priority.
  • There are no fees for biblical counseling, but it will cost time, honesty, and hard work.
  • There may be some financial costs for materials, but finances  will not stand in the way of receiving help.
  • Biblical counseling by design is short in duration, usually lasting three to six months. If longer counseling is needed, a referral to a licensed professional will be recommended.
  • Counseling the opposite sex is limited to a one time basis.  Further counseling will be referred to the appropriate staff member of the same sex.
  • Marital counseling requires both spouses to be present. Counseling minors will only be conducted with a parent present.
  • Homework assignments are expected to be completed and all appointments honored.
  • Failure to meet these expectations will result in the termination of the counseling relationship.

Confidentiality is honored at all times unless confession is made of a crime or harm is perceived to be imminent to the counselee, counselor, or someone else. We also recommend Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center

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