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Digital Small Groups

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are faced with establishing alternate methods of communicating, applying proper social distancing methods and prioritizing the safety of you and those around you. This creates a new dynamic in how we congregate. Thankfully, we live in an age where myriad technology platforms are available at our fingertips, allowing us to continue to connect and fellowship with one another. 

Virtual Conferencing helps bridge the gap in environments where we’d otherwise meet face-to-face.

What is Virtual Conferencing?

Virtual conferencing allows people to come together remotely, regardless of where they are located. So long as you have an Internet connection, you can connect with anyone virtually both domestic and internationally. The most popular form of virtual conferencing is video conferencing, which provides the ability to make or receive video calls, join 1-on-1 or group meetings, or participate in hosted events.

Which Video Conference Solution Should I Use?

There exists a plethora of virtual conference options, but the 2 popular free solutions we recommend are Zoom and Google Hangouts


How to Join a Meeting
How to Create a Meeting

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Google Hangout

How to Join a Meeting
How to Create a Meeting

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As each of us adjusts to this “new normal,” it is incumbent that we continue to encourage and uplift one another, especially during these challenging times.

Do you need extra help? We are here for you! Email Alexis or fill out the form below if you would like to have our tech support team reach out to you.


As you contact friends or gather digitally with a small group use these
questions as a guide to have simple discussions for all of our weekly content.

1.) Which biblical passage or principle from this teaching stood out to you
the most? How are you going to make application from it this week?

2.) Was there a particular illustration or application point that helped you
understand how to walk with the Lord and continue to be the church in this unique season we are facing? 

3.) Are there any personal burdens, difficult circumstances, or anxieties of
yours that were addressed in this teaching? How were you encouraged or challenged? 

4.) How might you share what you learned and experienced from this teaching
with someone (fellow Christian, or neighbor) this week?

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