Family Summit

August 21, 9am-3pm

Providing an intentional pathway for parents and grandparents to spiritually train their children in the way they should go is what Family Summit Conference is about! Navigating raising children and students can be filled with challenges, from leading them spiritually to preparing them for the realities of life away from home. During this conference, our breakout seminars will cover a variety of topics for every age group in order to better prepare you for leading your children and students. Our hope is to provide resources and opportunities for you to grow in your faith and knowledge of raising your children and students in the Lord.  



Our goal is to provide you with information and the opportunity to ask questions about how to raise your kids and students up in the Lord! Below features the milestone and elective seminars that we will offer during the conference! Throughout the schedule, you will have the opportunity to choose which seminars you'd like to attend.  



Taught by Mark and Cindy Leiendecker

This milestone seminar is less about the presentation of the baby and more about the commissioning of the parents to commit themselves to raise their child in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” It is aimed at connecting new parents to the magnificent responsibility and opportunity of leading their children spiritually according to Deuteronomy 6. This seminar will seek to encourage new parents with biblical insights and call them to faithful family worship and parental discipleship. The discussion will also center on a child’s physical, spiritual and emotional development from infancy to kindergarten. At the dedication of the child, we as a church family will commit ourselves to partner with the parents in their child’s spiritual development. Covers birth-1+.


Taught by Steve and Lori Tuck

This milestone seminar will cover several foundational aspects of family life that will assist parents in being intentional and proactive and not reactionary in the way they approach their parenting. It is true that amazing kids can emerge from having not so great parents and the opposite is true too that amazing parents can have kids who struggle. All children are different and come with their own unique brand of free will and there is no one set of rules that works for every child. However, in this seminar, ten core principles of parenting towards being a more effective parent will be addressed. Paying attention to these will prayerfully help your children to grow up to be healthy and independent individuals. Covers ages 2-5+.


Taught by David and English Preston

This milestone seminar will assist parents in cultivating everyday informal as well as formal gospel conversations with their children. This seminar will assist parents in looking for signs of gospel transformation in their children’s lives to see if the child understands the work of Jesus, sin, repentance, and salvation. We will help parents learn how to balance teaching their children about God’s plan of salvation with allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to their children to draw them to Jesus. The parents and church leaders' goal is to assist each other in consultation to ascertain whether or not the child should take the next step of believer’s baptism. If an agreement is made then the appropriate ministry (kids or students) will engage the parents and child with discipleship materials to be accomplished at home with their parents, followed by a church interview with the child, parents, and church leaders. Covers ages 6-9+.


Taught by Bobby and Kitty Weaver

This milestone seminar is all about giving parents the tools they need to lead their children through the turbulent years of adolescence as much preparation is needed for the physical, spiritual, and emotional changes that lie ahead. This seminar will challenge parents to rethink how they connect with their children relationally in order to better lead them spiritually and will focus first on the child’s identity in Christ as foundational before dealing with the subjects of developing bodies, emotional changes, sex, as well as our culture’s perversion of God’s gifts. All of this relates to a proper understanding of one’s identity in Christ in that we are a free child in Christ, saved by grace and created for a purpose. Our time of discussion will also seek to assist parents in teaching their children at this age the importance of spending time in the spiritual disciplines of reading Scripture and prayer. Covers ages 10-12+.


Taught by Danny and Lauren Beech

This milestone seminar will build on the previous seminar in preparing for adolescence as it further presents God’s plan for sexual and moral purity to the parents of teenagers. Discussions will continue to build on helping their son or daughter to find their identity in Christ and help them gain a greater Christian worldview of what it means to live a pure life, free from the entrapment of sin and the world. Practical tools and insights will be given to parents for helping their kids make a commitment to a life of purity in an impure culture and challenge them to save sex for marriage as an act of love to God and to their future spouses. This seminar will challenge parents to keep open lines of communication with their teens as they assist them in determining boundaries in all kinds of relationships and for the need for parental accountability and mentorship. Covers ages 13-14+.


Taught by Leland and Sarah Brown

This milestone seminar does not deal with the cultural aspects of turning sixteen, but deals with the responsibilities associated with becoming a man or woman of God. This seminar will challenge parents to focus on the important goal of helping their teen to grow into adulthood. Parents will be encouraged to help their teen find a place of service in their families and in the church so as to assist them in developing a sense of serving and responsibility to care for others as they discover who God has called them to be. We will encourage parents to help their older teenagers to own the basic tenets of the faith so as to be able to make wise decisions according to a biblical worldview. Parents will be given the Bible’s perspective on the roles of men and women in the context of dating, marriage, friendship, the church, and life in general. Covers ages 15-16+.


Taught by Alec and Bree Emenhiser

This milestone seminar is meant to celebrate graduation and to prepare for the realities of life away from home. This seminar will assist parents in maximizing their opportunity to influence their teenager during the last two years of high school. Parents will be resourced for helping their children become people of influence for Christ as it relates to dating and marriage issues and life skills such as managing finances. An emphasis on Christian apologetics will be given to parents in order to train them to help their children defend their faith from non-Christian influences they will face at college and in the workplace. Helpful thoughts and ideas will be given to parents in order to assist them in keeping lines of communication open with their young adults. Finally, at the end of their senior year, a special opportunity for parental blessing will be offered to parents of seniors. Covers ages 17-18.




Taught by Buster and Sara Brown

This seminar presents an overview of Christian Grandparenting. Deitrich Bonhoeffer once said, “a righteous man lives for the next generation.” This is true, however, we live in a time when the role of grandparents has become something a lot different than what the Scripture has commanded. In a move out of a self-centered, solitary life, we are in desperate need for older generations to hold out the light of the Gospel to their grandchildren and the next generation. With the cultural hurricane winds of a godless society blowing hard, grandparents can be frontline warriors in the spiritual battle for their grandkids! We will discuss a biblical worldview of grandparenting that can help us assist our children and grandchildren in building strong, healthy families that are united in God’s love and truth so that they will prayerfully come to know, love, and serve Christ.


Taught by Rick and Annette Martin

This seminar deals with the “heart” of discipline. The root word for discipline is “disciple” and Christian parents are called to spiritually disciple their children. In doing so, a focus on the heart with an abundance of grace on our part is vitally important if we are to discipline and thus disciple our children well. Today too many parents focus on a child’s behavior and it ends there. The most important thing is what’s going on in a child’s heart. Jesus said in Luke 6:45, “...out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” As a Christian parent, you must be concerned about and focused on the attitude of your child’s heart that drives his behavior. We will explore ways of helping you pursue your child’s heart in the important task of discipling the children God has given you.


Taught by Craig and Raffia Harris

This seminar will assist parents in establishing worthwhile family pursuits as today’s Christian families are living at an extremely fast pace and without notice can start pursuing things that ultimately do not matter in life. As parents, we desire to see our children enjoy a vibrant and growing relationship with God and in order to do so, we must recognize and pursue the priorities God wants for our families. In order to do so, we need to look at all the alternatives and choose what is most pleasing to God, what is best for our spiritual well-being, and what would be a blessing to others. We will be discussing spiritual pursuits that ought to be priorities in every Christian home and explore ways to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matt. 6:33) in our families.

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