Forever Faithful

A Call to the Church

We live in a day of unprecedented opportunities as we seek to impact our culture with the unchanging message of the good news of Jesus Christ. The church must be resolute and hold unswervingly to the truth that we’ve been given and be forever faithful to the things of the Lord. 

Our commitment at East Cooper Baptist Church is to raise generations of faithful men, women, boys and girls who represent the things of God in a way that is biblically sound, culturally significant and forever life-changing.

Biblical charges are incredibly important. The charge we have to biblical clarity, unity, and charity is a call of stewarship of all that we are and all that we have to advance His kingdom in such a fashion that Christ is honored and praised for generations. As we begin to understand what we believe and why, we walk in unity in the power of the Holy Spirit. And as we walk with clarity and unity, we show forth the fruits of the Spirit which is a lifestyle of charity, grace, and mercy. And as we show Christ-centered charity, we will then impact the culture as we remain Forever Faithful.

Here are just a couple of Forever Faithful Stories of people that understand that their time, talents and resources belong to God and are to be used to extend His Kingdom.


Our church purpose is to equip men, women, boys and girls to pursue Christ passionately so that they can impact their culture for Christ. Therefore, we want to build people with a Christian worldview that is solidly focused on the word of God.


A healthy component of our purpose is to have a campus with buildings where people can worship and be educated and gather for instruction. Buildings are simply one of the tools that God uses in accomplishing the work that He has set us about as the body of Christ.

The new Sanctuary will be home for the traditional worship services and the current Worship Center will become the permanent home for our contemporary worship services.

This project provides permanent and complete sanctuary facilities with all music ministry operations for all services. This space provides the ability to expand the foundation of our worshipping community to impact our culture for Christ. The new Sanctuary will offer seating for about 1200 people.

Together, we can all give to finish the work to our church campus so we can continue the work of the Father to help equip people with a Christian worldview that is solidly focused on the Word of God.


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