Mission Trips

We believe that all our short-term projects should be an integral part of our global partners’ strategy to reach their people group.  Therefore, the projects you’ll find at the link below were specifically requested by our global partners as a means to get the gospel to their people. Contact Pastor  if you see something that interests you.


Teach English In Thailand

March 13-22, 2020
Cost: $2,000

Volunteers will teach basic English and Christian worldview to small groups (6-12 people per class). No prior teaching experience needed. The classes are easy to lead. Basic training on how to teach the classes will be given prior to starting. We will pair the team in groups of two or three to co-teach each class. The classes last a little over one hour with extra time for socializing with the students before and afterwards. Each pair of teachers will likely be assigned 1-2 classes per day (Mon-Fri). The classes will also expose students to a clear, culturally-based gospel presentation.

The classes are a part of a larger church planting strategy of our partners in Bangkok.


Southeast Asia

April 2-10, 2020
Cost: $2,000 (includes airfare)

The team will be ministering to our global partners and their families who serve in various locations in Southeast Asia.  Our pastoral staff will provide preaching and teaching to the adults. The rest of the team members will minister to the children of our global partners by teaching Bible stories, singing, and hanging out with them (in a VBS style program). This is an excellent opportunity to encourage and refresh cross-cultural workers and their families. 



Bangalore, India

April 10-21, 2020
Cost: $2,800
Application Due: February 3, 2020

This trip will be centered around serving partners in Bangalore who have a Child Care Center. The children are able to receive tutoring and a healthy meal in a safe, loving environment. 

The week will include running/volunteering through their VBS week. There will be opportunities to serve during a Sunday church service, possibly help run some small medical check-up/clinics, and serve at a nearby village where the church maintains a ministry to the elderly that have been abandoned. 

Those experienced in VBS would fit well on this team. A few medical professionals would be a bonus on this team. And anyone willing/able to serve would be welcomed!


Ministry to Immigrants in Raleigh, NC

June 26-July 4, 2020
Cost: TBD
Application due: April 8, 2020

Join our partner, Joy, in ministering to immigrants from around the world. You will work alongside Joy in providing citizenship classes, teaching English, tutoring and Bible clubs (which your kids can join in).  The team will wrap up the week with a 4th of July celebration for the community. 


South Asia

July 5-15, 2020
Cost: $2,000 (Approximate cost depending on airfare. Does not include souvenirs, vaccines, and passport fees which will vary by individual.)
Application Due: March 16, 2020

This team will be partnering with the IMB team on the ground serving long term in South Asia. We will strive to be an encouragement to the team while serving the community through meeting practical needs and sharing Truth in partnership with national believers and IMB team members in purposeful and strategic ways. 


Global Partner Retreat in Cyprus

June 10-June 22, 2020
Cost: Other than tickets and personal expenses, the cost for volunteers for room and board (2 per room) is $120 per night.
Application due: March 15, 2020

Our partners are having a retreat in Cyprus and they need volunteers to help out with childcare (ages 0-4) and security. 


South Asia Mega City

August 3-August 12, 2020 (most likely)
Cost: $2000 (approximately)
Application due: May 1, 2020

We will join our partners in witnessing to locals, encouraging the local churches, partnering with local schools, and hosting retreats. 


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