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The Quest for Authenticity

Posted by Van Barnhill on

For several weeks now, I have been on a metaphorical journey to grow in authenticity. And by authenticity I mean being more genuine, honest, and real. There have been several factors that have contributed to my desire to develop in authenticity but the primary reason is fatigue. I find it...

Slow and Steady Scripture Memory

Posted by Leland Brown on

Many people have experienced Bible memory like a crash diet or a cram session for finals. A small group leader or sermon challenges us and we go hard after our Bible memorization for a few weeks but slowly and surely we lose the practice, forget what we memorized, and get discouraged. Or we just...

8 Reasons to Start Memorizing Scripture Today

Posted by Leland Brown on

I was a believer for 7 years before I ever memorized and kept memorized a single passage of Scripture. In the Lord’s kind providence, however, I’ve been convicted about and practicing regular memorization of the Bible for the last two years, and the Lord has immensely blessed this...

John Owen

Posted by Buster Brown on

Today is the anniversary of the death of my favorite Puritan, John Owen. Owen died on August 24, 1683 at the age of 67. My love and esteem for this man is so profound that when our son was born, Sara and I named Zack after John Owen; Zachary Owen Brown. Many of my heroes in the faith have been...

As the Lights Dim, the Candles Shine Brighter

Posted by Danny Beech on

The Mission From June 29-July 13, East Cooper Baptist Church sent a team to the Czech Republic to partner with a local Baptist church in the small town of Sumperk, about 140 miles east of Prague. The mission was to assist them in their annual English Camp for Czech high school students. The...

Seven Short Books For The Rest of Summer 2016

Posted by Andy Boyer on

Looking for a good beach book? Or a good book in general? Often for me that means fiction, particularly crime fiction and these days Scandinavian crime fiction. That is all well and good, but what if you could use your beach time to deepen your understanding of God, nourish your soul, and grow...

On Restoring Parks and People

Posted by Van Barnhill on

Recently, I had the opportunity to take a group of high schoolers on a mission trip to Philadelphia where we worked with a local church planter named Alonzo Johnson. Our aim was to support and serve Alonzo by helping him to continue to build and strengthen relationships in the community with the...

Is Your Neighbor Unreached?

Posted by Dave B. on

We have sent some of our best people to take the Gospel to unreached peoples in difficult and sometimes dangerous places.  In response to this, I have been asked on more than on one occasion, "Why did we send ____________ overseas when there are so many lost people right here?" That is a...

How Being a Sports Fan Helps Me Follow Jesus

Posted by Van Barnhill on

A few years ago I was having a conversation with some friends. We were talking about sports. To be specific, we were discussing fans of sports. To be completely honest, we were expressing our frustration and dismay with people who only pulled for the best teams. Bandwagon fans. Fair-weather...

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