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Fasting - What’s it Good for Anyway?

Posted by Leland Brown on

Ah, (or ugh!) fasting—that one commanded spiritual discipline that we either inwardly groan about or willfully neglect. Bible reading we understand, prayer we’re accustomed to, community we see our need for, but willingly abstaining from food for a day or more? That’s crazy...

Should I Let My Teenager Date?

Posted by Van Barnhill on

Recently, the Middle and High School Ministry teams combined for a panel discussion regarding dating and relationships during the teenage years with the goal of providing parents some biblical perspective, practical application, and general guidance on the subject. For those able to attend, we...

Combining Head and Heart

Posted by Dustin Raley on

Have you ever felt weird singing love songs to an ancient Jewish carpenter? I have. There have been seasons in my life where I became really uncomfortable with some of the language in our modern worship songs. One of the choruses that used to trip me up was, “I’m running to Your arms...

The Blessing of Serving

Posted by Rose Anderson on

When my husband and I first joined ECBC in 1998, Craig Harris sent us a letter of welcome.  In the letter he wrote that East Cooper was a big church (although not as big as it is now!) and that if we wanted to become part of the life of the church we should dive in with both feet and get...

3 Don’ts for Raising Teenagers 

Posted by Dave B. on

I often speak with parents who tell me that one or more of their children are rebelling against them and against God.  I can empathize.  My son, Don, did the same thing.  It was ugly at times, and it was hard.  But both Ceil and I learned a lot through it and our faith grew...

I Will Go Before You

Posted by Danny Beech on

I love to travel and I’ve learned a very simple trick to heighten my experience when visiting a city for the very first time.  Quite simply, talk to somebody who has gone before you.  I did that several years ago when I first visited Prague, Czech Republic.  It was...

God is Sovereign, So Share the Gospel

Posted by Leland Brown on

If God is Sovereign over everything, including salvation, why should we share the Gospel? Evangelism is hard and scary and not always fruitful. It may be tempting, especially if we have a strong view of God’s sovereignty, to shirk our responsibility or think it isn’t a big deal if we...

The History of Secret Church

Posted by Andy Boyer on

On Friday evening April 29th at 6:30pm East Cooper Baptist Church will be hosting the Secret Church simulcast.  The story of how this gathering came about in one local church and grew into a national movement of believers is inspiring to me. It reveals a hunger among God’s people for...

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