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Seven Short Books For The Rest of Summer 2016

Posted by Andy Boyer on

Looking for a good beach book? Or a good book in general? Often for me that means fiction, particularly crime fiction and these days Scandinavian crime fiction. That is all well and good, but what if you could use your beach time to deepen your understanding of God, nourish your soul, and grow...

The History of Secret Church

Posted by Andy Boyer on

On Friday evening April 29th at 6:30pm East Cooper Baptist Church will be hosting the Secret Church simulcast.  The story of how this gathering came about in one local church and grew into a national movement of believers is inspiring to me. It reveals a hunger among God’s people for...

Do You Need Help in Answering the Tough Questions?

Posted by Andy Boyer on

People often ask me for resources which will help them answer tough questions from those who would challenge what we believe as Christians.  We call that Apologetics.  Biola University in California is home to one of the premier graduate programs in the defense of the Christian...

Being Passionate for the Long Haul

Posted by Andy Boyer on

Passionately pursuing Jesus Christ is at the center of the East Cooper Baptist Church mission statement.  The passion of youth can be an inspiring thing.  However, the idealism of our college years often fades as we take on responsibilities of jobs, marriage and families.  I...

He and She or Ze, Zir, Xe, Xem and Xyr?

Posted by Andy Boyer on

On September 9th, 2015 USA Today ran a story with the following headline, University of Tennessee president: Gender-neutral pronoun controversy 'like nothing I've seen’  Joe DiPietro said the controversy over a since withdrawn web post from the University’s Office of...

Rain for the Soul

Posted by Andy Boyer on

This past Sunday I had the privilege of preaching from Isaiah 55.  We observed God’s invitation to feast on his word, so that our soul may live.  In verses 10-11 God declares that just as the rain provides life and nourishment to the natural world, the Bible provides life and...

Music to Nourish the Soul

Posted by Andy Boyer on

I am a bit of a music junkie.  If I am reading, working in the yard, running or lying on the couch trying to drift off into a nap there is a good chance that I will be listening to music.  My musical tastes cover a wide range of territory.  Good songwriters are a big favorite of...

Podcasts I Listen to

Posted by Andy Boyer on

I have always been a listener.  As a boy I remember how excited I was to receive a tiny transistor AM only radio.  It opened up the world of mid sixties AM Top 40 radio and the games of my favorite sports teams.   I have fond recollections of regular tent camping trips to the...

Two Blog Posts for Easter

Posted by Andy Boyer on

One of the blogs that I find to be a great benefit to my pastoral and personal life is Justin Taylor’s blog, Between Two Worlds.  It is one of the most widely read of all Christian blogs for good reason. Here are two recent posts that I found helpful this week: Why It Matters...

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