Student Life Center FAQs


Why another building? What needs does it address?

The SLC project addresses a range of important needs:

• New science labs and tech classrooms that we have no space for now and will expand PCA’s STEM offering.

• New Bible classrooms which double as audio visual gathering spaces for expanded middle and high school ministries.

• Regulation-size gym for basketball and volleyball tournaments.

• Locker rooms and bathrooms for PE and sporting events. Currently, visitors change in classrooms and there are no existing showers for students.

Who will have access to the Student Life Center?

All ECBC facilities including the new SLC are assets intended to support the “community” of ECBC student ministries: PCA, Campus Outreach, High School Ministry and Middle School Ministry. The SLC will be managed as an ECBC community facility in combination with the existing ECBC facilities. Examples of space we’re looking forward to making available to all student ministries are:

• Classroom space - access to 5-10 classrooms with options to combine for larger gatherings.

• Gym space - both new and existing will greatly expand our ability to support indoor activities and events.

• Dedicated hangout space - a large room on the 2nd floor with couches and probably some ping pong and/or foosball tables.

Will the Student Life Center provide church outreach opportunities within our community?

Yes, our intent and expectation is the new facilities will allow us to host a wide range of events. We will be looking for additional opportunities to serve our community as we get closer to the opening date.

What is the cost of the SLC? How are the costs being managed?

The project design and permitting costs were $430k. The expected cost of construction and build out is $8.1mil. The total project cost is projected to be $8.53mil.

The Church Leadership Team (CLT) has taken direct responsibility for oversight of the project. In addition, a program team consisting of representatives from PCA, ECBC Operations and the Serving Elder Council has been established to approve and manage all project costs. This team reports directly to the CLT on a weekly basis.

What are the sources of Student Life Center development funding?

To date there have been a total of 352 unique donors. Of those, 222 are PCA families and 155 are ECBC members (some donors are both ECBC members and PCA families).

What happens to any funds received after the giving goal has been met?

The funds will be allocated equally to three “capstone” initiatives: 1/3 going to ECBC debt reduction, 1/3 going to updating the Worship Center, and 1/3 going to campus access and welcoming improvements.


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