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Come grab lunch with us every Tuesday! The location will be announced on Sundays and on our Instagram page! Make sure to bring money for lunch.

Work Entry

Short-Term Mission Trip Application

Please fill out the application below if you are interested in serving on a short-term mission trip. We will need a copy of your passport to complete the application process. You can fax, email, Upload a copy in this form, or bring a copy of your passport to the church office.

East Cooper Baptist Church
361 Egypt Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
Fax: 843.856.1136

Emergency Contact Information

Please list a close relative/friend who will be in the states that can be contacted incase of an emergency.

Passport Information

Please email, fax, upload, or bring a copy of your current passport to the ECBC office. If you do not have a passport, you will need to apply as soon as possible. If your passport expires before the trip, please start the renewal process. These processes can take longer than 10 weeks. Passport applications are available online and at the post office.



Please provide a personal reference and a pastoral reference. They should be able to speak both to your character as well as your ministry abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Beneficiary Information

Name your beneficiary and their relationship to you, someone not going on the trip. This is for the travel insurance company that we will purchase, about $3.30/day.

Mission Trip Agreement

If accepted as a volunteer, I commit to attending all team meetings unless providentially hindered. I also realize that in accepting a term of volunteer service, it is with the clear understanding that East Cooper Baptist Church does not assume responsibility for loss of my property, damage to the same, personal harm or illness that may come to those who travel with me or myself. I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, in consideration of my admission to volunteer service and other good and valuable considerations, do hereby release and forever discharge East Cooper Baptist Church from liability for any claim or demand that I or my heirs, executors, administrators or assigns might otherwise assert upon the basis of any of the foregoing. In volunteering, I recognize that I do not become an agent or employee of East Cooper Baptist Church in rendering my services, and I agree to hold East Cooper Baptist Church harmless from any claim that might arise out of any acts performed by me while serving as a East Cooper Baptist Church volunteer.