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August 27, 2023 Why I Serve: Dan Scheaffer

Written by Communications

When did you start serving on the production team?

I started attending East Cooper in 2004. I've been serving with this team for 14 years. My wife and I started out serving together, as she helped with slides. For the last five years, I have been serving every Sunday, on Wednesday nights, and at special church events.

What led you to serve in this specific area?

I grew up loving music and playing instruments, but I enjoy being behind the scenes more than on the stage. Once I started getting plugged in here, my love for worship and music led me to serve on this team. It is a great way to support and advance worship for the musicians, and especially for the congregation. Our team's best day is when no one knows we are here. That means people can focus on worshiping and glorifying God.

What has the Lord taught you through serving the local church?

It's good that I am here for both services because most Sundays I need to hear the sermon twice. I love being here and serving the church.

Why do you serve?

We are all called to do it. We are all given spiritual gifts and God calls us to use them. Serving is not hard; it is just about showing up and supporting the church. God will meet you and use you if you step out in faith.


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